July 22, 2017

Web Gems: Who Dey Perspective

Jack Brennan of our beloved Bengals front office provided us yesterday with another of his diamond-encrusted nuggets of web comedy commonly known at the “Who Dey Perspective”. This article turns from the typical rebuttal to Cincinnati Enquirer articles to focus on ESPN’s recent ranking of all 122 professional sports franchises in North America’s four major sports, where the Bengals ranked 122nd best.

If you haven’t read Brennan’s most recent offering, and you need a shot of humor to pick up your day, do yourself a favor and check it out.

When I first heard ESPN’s results for 2011, honestly, I yawned. None of us were shocked by it. Maybe we could argue if the Timberwolves or the Raptors should be lower. But if you are in the bottom 10 on this list, does it really matter?

I would have let the list just slide right on by without comment had Brennan not decided to add his ‘perspective’ on the topic and refute the ranking.

To be fair, Brennan did say this:

This is largely a fan ranking, and of course fans are sour right now. We all are sour. Last year’s poor season, coming off of a division championship and high offseason expectations, is extremely disappointing. We understand. And we want to affirm that we hear the feedback and continuously are working to improve in each of these areas.

We might dispute the final clause there, but that is another for post.

I wanted to hear something like this: “We think dead last is a little harsh, but we get it. We want to be better. We are going to make changes. Here is a link where you can submit your own ideas to help us improve.”

Instead, what we got was this: “NUH-UHHHHHH!!!”

Exactly what I expected to read when I hit the link to the article. The insular, tone-deaf attitude that has been the hallmark of the Perspective is once again on full display. It’s so sad, the only option is to mock it. Because we can’t take it seriously.

Jack, please, do yourself a favor. End this fiasco. We’re not laughing with you. We’re laughing at you.


  1. the most aggravating thing about being a fan of the Bengals is not that losing. it is the nonchalant attitude and general apathy for the fans that the Bengals display. Whether intended or not, the fact that there is such a disconnect is a slap to the face of the fans.

    For once, I wish there was a statement that the Bengals actually gave a shit about the fans.