June 26, 2017

Who Dey Reader: ESPN’s Ultimate Standings

The Bengals finished last at No. 122. Next year, they might tout marked improvement when they climb to 115.

This week’s edition of ESPN the Magazine ranked all the franchises in the four major sports (football, basketball, baseball, and hockey) based on factors that are important to fans. Our beloved Bengals finished butt-naked last at No. 122. Here are some highlights from the magazine article.

-According to Forbes, the Bengals made $49.4 million last year.

-Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers, No. 1 on the fan satisfaction list, made “just” $9.8 million in profits

-Since 2001, the Bengals have made an estimated profit of $263 million

-Furthermore, the franchise’s value has risen from $479 million to $905 million.

And therein lies the problem. If those figures are accurate, there’s plenty of a profit margin available for Mike Brown to reinvest more in his franchise and his city. He could build a practice bubble. Hire a GM. Pay a little more out of his own pocket for stadium upgrades and save the city and and county some budgetary stress. Instead, we get a team operating at a shoestring budget to maximize profit gains. And in turn, our team is a veritable blind squirrel on the field, lucky to find the occasional nut.

No one expects Mike Brown to work for free. In fact, many people would be happy to see Brown thrive as long as his team did too.

But all too often, the former has succeeded at the expense of the latter.

And that’s precisely what gets you to No. 122.


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