July 25, 2017

From the mouth of Mike

Thanks to reader Lee, we have the words straight from the mouth of Mike Brown. See, Lee decided he no longer wanted his season tickets. A long time Bengal supporter with his cash, Lee finally said enough is enough. Rather than just throw the invoice in the trash, Lee sent a letter expressing his displeasure with the organization. To his surprise he received a response from the top brass of the Bengals. The entire letter can be seen at the end of this post but let me pull out my favorite bits.

Mike starts out trying to sound sincere, he even says:

“I regret the prospect of losing any fan in a way that goes beyond the concept of revenue.”

Those are nice words, but to me, they are just words. When has Mike Brown ever treated a fan as anything but a revenue stream? He sees Bengals fans in ticket sales and nothing else.

Then he defends the team’s performance on the field:

“we are among a minority of teams (14 of 32) to win two division titles in the last six years.”.

Ok, nice stat, here is a better one, The Bengals are the only team in the NFL that has not won a playoff game in the last 20 years (except for the Texans who have only been around for 9 years).

Then he touches on Carson Palmers displeasure with the team and brushes it odd with:

“off-season “situations” often can be resolved, and I am not willing to concede that our relationship with Carson is unworkable”.

Then, Mike goes on to talk about his ability to sign top-level free agents like Antonio Bryant and Terrell Owens. This is too much, I will pull what Boomer Esiason had to say about Mike from the enquirer:


“It’s never going to change,’’ Esiason said Thursday. “There is no expectation the team is going to win. There never has been. I can’t sugarcoat it.’’

“You can have all the money in the world. You can sock it away in a mattress. But the reason you’re in (the NFL) is because you’re competitive. You want to win. The family has never experienced that.’’ Esiason called it “the collective soul of winning.’’ It lacks within the executive walls of PBS.

“Do they sign legitimate free agents?’’ he asked. “They get guys looking for a place to land. They got me off the scrap heap’’ when Number Seven returned for a second show, from Arizona via the New York Jets. “T.O. (Terrell Owens), Cedric Benson. They’re a team of second chances.’’

Then, the icing on the cake. Mike makes sure to let Lee know he respects him “as a consumer with limits on disposable income”. What does that mean? Refer back to my initial point, Mike sees the fans as wallets, they are either open or closed.

Here is the letter:


  1. Unbelievable. If Mike Brown approached the plate in baseball the way he approaches opportunities to improve good will among the fans, the ball could be sitting on a tee and he would still strike out.

    The defensive tone of this letter and of the Who Dey Perspective shows that the front office is as clueless at winning fans as they are at winning games.

    Here’s your home run response, Mike. “You’re right, Lee. You shouldn’t be happy with the performance of last year’s team. We are not either. We brought in Jay Gruden to bring new energy to an offense that should have been better than it was. We are eager to sign some key free agents, both inside and outside the organization, to strengthen our roster. We expect better, and we will be better. Thanks for holding us to a high standard.”

    What do we get instead? A BS stat and general “You’re wrong” attitude. No wonder this doofus has amassed losses at an unprecedented rate.


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