From the mouth of Mike

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  1. Bill says:

    Unbelievable. If Mike Brown approached the plate in baseball the way he approaches opportunities to improve good will among the fans, the ball could be sitting on a tee and he would still strike out.

    The defensive tone of this letter and of the Who Dey Perspective shows that the front office is as clueless at winning fans as they are at winning games.

    Here’s your home run response, Mike. “You’re right, Lee. You shouldn’t be happy with the performance of last year’s team. We are not either. We brought in Jay Gruden to bring new energy to an offense that should have been better than it was. We are eager to sign some key free agents, both inside and outside the organization, to strengthen our roster. We expect better, and we will be better. Thanks for holding us to a high standard.”

    What do we get instead? A BS stat and general “You’re wrong” attitude. No wonder this doofus has amassed losses at an unprecedented rate.