June 27, 2017

Five Issues, Five Sentences


As Bengals fans, we all have issues.

In response to USA Today’s analysis of the biggest five issues facing the Cincinnati Bengals, I’m writing five sentences about those issues. It’s a perfect exercise for those of you with short attention spans like me. What was I talking about again? Anyway, the issues from the USA Today article (linked below) are in bold, followed by my response.

1. Will the Bengals be better off making a fresh start without unhappy quarterback Carson Palmer?

They will suffer in the short term (i.e. this season), but will be better off in subsequent years.

2. Will the Bengals be better off without T.O. & Ocho combo at wide receiver?

Yes, the play of Andre Caldwell and Jerome Simpson at the end of last season proved it.

3. Can Marvin Lewis deliver a consistent winner?

No, with Mike Brown controlling things above him, Vince Lomardi himself would struggle in Cincinnati.

4. What is the Bengals’ top free-agent priority?

The team is preparing to make Cedric Benson the leader and the focal point of the offense, so they must re-sign him.

5. What are the Bengals’ biggest problems ahead?

The NFL is a quarterback league, and without an established one, the horrors of the 1990s could re-emerge.


Click the image to read the entire article from USA Today