Four Shining Moments

Cincinnati Bengals  v Baltimore Ravens
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  1. Eric says:

    To me, the fall of the Bengals franchise coincides with Bret Favre’s ascent in football lore. In Dave Shula’s first season as coach, the Bengals were 2-0 I believe, and leading the Packers comfortably when they hurt Don Majkowski, allowing the unproven Favre onto the field. After a few bad breaks, and some terrible pass coverage by Rod “Toast” Jones, the Bengals lost a game they should have won. The Packers went on to become a great franchise and the Bengals turned to garbage. I have to wonder what would have happened if that game had gone differently. Would the Bengals have still gone 5-11? Would David Klingler still have been drafted? Back then, the Bengals were still quite relevant. A lost decade plus would ensue. I don’t know if Kevin Walker’s tackle of Bo Jackson started the curse more than this game. To me, this game was the killer.

    Maybe now that Favre is retired (supposedly) the curse can be broken.