The Ocho Has Landed

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  1. Welsh Bengal says:

    Superb piece… Just can’t agree enough.

  2. Bill says:

    If I have any grasp of Mike Brown’s mind (and it doesn’t indicate anything good for me if I do), he whole-heartedly believes that Chad will return to form this year and will be an asset for the team. And you know, he may accidentally be right. Chad knows well that he will finally earn that long-sought freedom after this season. But if he wants to pull down decent money, he has to prove this year that he can still produce. If he does not, the interest pool for a receiver in his mid-30s who has had pedestrian numbers for the past four years won’t be very deep.

  3. Nate says:

    It makes no sense to keep him around. Zero. He would push younger talent down on the depth chart and poison what figures to be a new energy on offense.

    Get what you can for him and move on. Hopefully, Mike Brown is thinking the same thing.