July 27, 2017

Ludwig: Bengals Won’t Be Boring

Jay Gruden should bring some life into the Bengals offense.

Chick Ludwig offered up an outlook on the Cincinnati Bengals for The Sporting News and promised that this year’s team wouldn’t be boring. Well, that makes sense. I suppose train wrecks never are.

Anyway, for me, the most interesting part of this article was a heaping portion of praise on second-year linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy, who Ludwig seems to believe might take over for Dhani Jones (making no mention of Rey Maualuga, by the way). I actually liked Muckelroy last season as well, but it definitely seems as if the team is preparing for life with Rey-Rey in the middle.

I also can share some of Ludwig’s enthusiasm for new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. Bob Bratkowski had simply been around the Bengals too long and failed to produce too often. A fresh perspective, and hopefully some of that same fire shared by Jay’s brother Jon, could breathe life into this offense. It’s never really been devoid of talent, but all too often it’s been devoid of discipline and effort at some spots.

If Gruden can do for the offense what Mike Zimmer did for the defense, things might not be so bad next year.