June 23, 2017

FoxSports: Mike Brown Not as Cheap as You Might Think

The Bengals biggest mistakes start up front. In the office.

Len Pasquarelli recently wrote an article that appeared on FoxSports.com suggesting that Bengals owner Mike Brown has spent more on his team’s payroll than most people realize. And I won’t argue that. With the exception of rookie deals, which always seem to get squeezed down to the last bloody penny, the Bengals have spent a fairly competitive amount of money on player salaries. However, they have often spent it stupidly.

And part of that points to where they’ve really failed – the front office. Data showing the dollars spent on front office folks (scouts, doctors, coaches, etc.), isn’t readily available, but I would imagine the Bengals would rank very close to last in the league there. There’s no general manager outside of the team owner. And they have one of the smallest scouting staffs in the entire league. And all too often that’s where the team falls flat.

Far away from the field, the Bengals lose a lot of games.

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