July 25, 2017

Film Study: Andy Dalton

In his team's biggest game, Dalton came up roses.

ESPNU aired a rebroadcast of the Rose Bowl the other day, giving me a perfect opportunity to study the Bengals’ newest quarterback, Andy Dalton.

When he hasn’t been riding bulls, sitting in race cars or creating controversies inside the Bengals organization, Chad Ochocinco has been doing the same. According to NFL.com, here’s what Ochocinco had to say about Dalton.

“I understand we drafted Andy Dalton, who is a great quarterback, and after getting him, I’ve done my own homework in watching him … and he’s really good.”

I have a few less career receptions than Ochocinco (with zero), but I usually have good instincts when it comes to talent. And I think Dalton has plenty of it. After watching the Rose Bowl – the biggest game of Dalton’s life – I’m even more confident that he can be a quality NFL quarterback, especially in a West Coast offense. Dalton was extremely accurate, fitting balls into tight windows, hitting receivers in stride, doing everything he could to give his team the opportunity to win. I was also impressed with Dalton’s guts and his ability to run the ball when he had to – often head first.

The only thing I didn’t see was prototype NFL size – and that doesn’t matter as much as you think. Drew Brees is 6-feet even. Steve Young is 6-2. So is Dalton.

So the kid is tall enough. And after watching the Rose Bowl, I’m convinced he’s good enough too. Dalton, playing on what most people believe was the less-talented team, finished 15-for-23 with 219 yards and a touchdown. He had 28 yards oand another touchdown rushing. And his team won too, 21-19.

I’d still prefer he started the season on the bench and had some time to adjust to the NFL game, but I think in the right offense, featuring a lot of short passes and some check-downs to Bernard Scott, Dalton will win games.

In this football-less summer, it was good to see a game, even if it was almost six months old.

And that game bodes well for the Bengals.


  1. I agree that Dalton can be a great QB for the Bengals. I’ll take a fiery leader who wills the players to victory over prototypical size and arm strength any day of the week. The team needs to ditch the prima donnas and get behind a guy like that. Dalton’s a winner and may just be exactly what Lewis needs.

  2. I think Marvin and company are continuing with a trend in recent years in bringing in Winners. A winning attitude is something Cincinnati has never had, and will struggle to create. However, bringing in players like Dalton, Dhani Jones, Andrew Whitworth, they are trying to create a new culture.

    I am not going to harp about Mike Brown being the biggest loser in the entire system, its too easy. Hopefully leadership on the team improves, they stay hungry, and wins come.