July 26, 2017

Gruden (Jon) Loves Pryor

PFT reported today that Jon (not Jay) Gruden is high on OSU QB Terrelle Pryor, who’ll be available in the supplemental draft.

”He was 31-4″ Gruden said, mentioning Pryor’s record as a starting quarterback. “He played good football in the big arena and played well in big games like the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl.  He was also undefeated against Michigan.”

The former Raiders and Bucs head coach also went on to say that Pryor is more NFL-ready than Cam Newton, who Carolina selected number 1 overall back in April.

To me, this potentially lends more credence to the thought that the Bengals may be seriously considering Pryor as an option.  As I wrote a few days ago, there are many reasons why some behind the striped curtain would see this as making sense.

Now that it’s been confirmed that Kenny Anderson will tutor Pryor as the draft approaches, and that our new OC’s older brother/mentor likes his potential, there’s even more reason to suspect the Bengals have an interest.

As we all know, Mike Brown loves quarterbacks, and he has a hard time resisting rare talent,  even when it comes with baggage.  You cannot suspect that the Bengals intend to go into training camp with just Jordan Palmer, Dan Lefevour, and Andy Dalton at QB, and I hope you don’t suspect their answer to that is Bruce Gradkowski or Jim Sorgi. Just sayin’. 

Whether you like the idea or hate it, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.