May 27, 2016

Four Shining Moments

Cincinnati Bengals  v Baltimore Ravens

The good folks at PFT have been running down the four worst moments for each NFL franchise since the last work stoppage (1987). Yesterday was the Bengals’ turn in the spotlight. With the entire Mike Brown era to choose from, narrowing things down could not have been easy. Heck, they could have turned it into [...]

Five Issues, Five Sentences

As Bengals fans, we all have issues.

  In response to USA Today’s analysis of the biggest five issues facing the Cincinnati Bengals, I’m writing five sentences about those issues. It’s a perfect exercise for those of you with short attention spans like me. What was I talking about again? Anyway, the issues from the USA Today article (linked below) are in [...]

Will Chad Wear Stripes In 2011?


You have almost certainly read something like this more than once over the past several months: “Chad Ochocinco, who is expected to be released before the start of the season…” I don’t know how it became conventional wisdom that Chad will be released, but it has been unavoidable this offseason. Personally, I don’t believe that [...]

In Labor: Will I Kiss the Baby?

If there's a rookie wage scale, I'm ready to pucker up

I’ve largely stayed out of the NFL’s labor dispute because if you’re like me, you’d rather not listen to two parties bicker over millions while you work to keep food on the table and the occasional beer in your refrigerator. But, it seems that the NFL and the league’s players are closing in on a [...]

From the mouth of Mike


Thanks to reader Lee, we have the words straight from the mouth of Mike Brown. See, Lee decided he no longer wanted his season tickets. A long time Bengal supporter with his cash, Lee finally said enough is enough. Rather than just throw the invoice in the trash, Lee sent a letter expressing his displeasure [...]

AFC North Top Dogs: Cornerback

It feels good to be on top.

Here’s another look at the best of the best (Eric Roberts? Bonus points if you get that reference) in the AFC North. Today, we look at cornerbacks. My initial reaction was that it would be a clean sweep for the Bengals. And since the Bengals never seem to do very well in rankings of any [...]

AFC North Top Dogs: Quarterback

Sadly, Big Ben sits atop my list.

Our irregular (cue the diarrhea sponsorship), quasi-periodic feature continues today with a look at the best quarterbacks in the division. It pains me to write it, but I think the alpha male is pretty obvious in this case. Top Dog: Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Big Dog: Joe Flacco, Baltimore My thoughts: There should be little debate [...]

Going Polling: Bengals QB Quandary

Will one of these guys be the starter in Week One? Should they?

[polldaddy poll=5157660]  

Entertaining Bengals Cards: Ken Anderson

Maybe Andy Dalton will be wearing my number, but I guarantee he won't be wearing my duckbill facemask. It's gangsta.

A Question Of Leadership

Marvin Lewis, Mike Brown

The Bengals are an organization with more than their fair share of problems.  Again.  It’s a perpetual state of malaise that has permeated the last twenty-plus years.  Shocked?  Of course not. You already knew that. So it was no surprise when ESPN announced that the Bengals finished dead last out of 122 sports teams according [...]