October 25, 2016

The 2011 Bengals: Defensive Tackle

Domata Peko (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

In the weeks since the completion of the NFL draft, I have been looking at the various position groups in an effort to shed light on where the team currently stands with their personnel and to foreshadow needed moves once free agency begins. Today, I turn my attention to the defensive tackles. If you recall [...]

Entertaining Bengals Cards: David Fulcher

And the winner of the Clubber Lang Look-Alike Contest is...

Entertaining Bengals Cards: Dave Lewis

Is this the same guy from Kid 'n Play?

This new feature is pretty simple. We find a Bengals football card that catches our attention and we pass it along. Up first is Dave Lewis, who I’ve never heard of. Apparently, he was a punter. But it’s pretty obvious he had a spectacular afro. Well done, Dave. Well done.

AFC North Top Dogs: Left Tackle

We're starting "Top Dogs" with some beef

  With the lockout in place and a slow news cycle outside of Chad Ochocinco’s antics (is he entering the Rock-Paper-Scissors World Championship next?), I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the AFC North’s best players at some key positions. For each position, I’ll give my pick for the Top Dog [...]

If It’s Broken…Fix It

Keith Rivers' had some broken tackles last year that need fixed

The statheads at FootballOutsiders.com recently released some interesting data on broken tackles – and it doesn’t bode well for the Bengals. The site logged tackles that were missed by players (either due to jukes or a failure to bring down the ballcarrier) and then compared the numbers across the league. Now, the stat is somewhat [...]

Top 10 Cincinnati Bengals moments


These are in my opinion the top 10 Cincinnati Bengals moments in my lifetime.  Feel free to add any of yours in the comments.   10. Chad Ochocinco in 2005 – Celebrating a Bengals division championship – In a season where it seemed the Bengals could score at will, Chad Ochocinco put them on the [...]

Carson Palmer pranked by Chris Cooley


So here is a funny downtime story of Washington Redskins player Chris Cooley pranking Carson Palmer. This was from a podcast done by Rich Eisen of the NFL network and transcribed on the Official Redskins Blog. However, having to do with Carson Palmer I thought it would be relevant here.   Cooley has a history [...]

Cincinnati Bengals practice video


Video from Cincinnati.com of the Bengals Wed morning practice. This is as close to Bengals football as we can get right now so enjoy.      

Come Back?

The poll is open. Cast your vote on Carson Palmer’s return. [polldaddy poll=5126247]

Johansen vs Hoard: Who Ya Got?

Former Bengals play-by-play voice Brad Johansen (left) and current play-by-play voice Dan Hoard (right)

A little over a month ago, the Bengals made the surprising move of replacing longtime Bengals radio play-by-play voice Brad Johansen with longtime University of Cincinnati Bearcats and Pawtucket Red Sox broadcaster Dan Hoard. The announcement was made along with