July 26, 2017

10 Days to NFL explosion!!!

Well not really and explosion, but there is a good chance that if no agreement is reached then the league will need to begin to alter the schedule.  Even a reduction in preseason games will cost the league hundreds of millions of dollars.

Many teams will have to know the status of the agreement by July 15th to throw together a training camp.  This is especially important for teams that are going to attempt to work in new or rookie players at key positions in their lineups. Key positions like Quarterback and Wide Receiver… shit, that’s us.

I have a feeling that an agreement will be reached by this deadline.  This is the mark where real actual money will be lost and nobody involved on either side of this lockout wants it to affect their wallet.

Andrew Silver from Yahoo shares this belief and writes the following:

Despite a breakdown in communication and trust that boiled over last week, the two sides are closer to an agreement than many people realize – perhaps than even some of the people involved realize. That the respective negotiating teams hung in amid the negativity and held a marathon session Thursday and a shorter one on Friday was a deceptively positive sign.

I am ready for some real football talk and some real football. So lets cross our fingers to the possiblilty that a deal will be soon.





  1. I’m strictly guessing here, but I have a feeling it gets done this week. I’m thinking the lawyers are getting all the details worked out early this week and Goodell and Smith will finalize everything later in the week.