June 28, 2017

Guy Smiley Frowning: Ward Gets DUI

This is not exactly Bengal-related, but as a card-carrying Stiller-hater, I was amused this morning to see TMZ’s report that Pittsburgh WR Hines Ward (AKA “Guy Smiley”) has been arrested for a DUI in his home state of Georgia.

Steeler players should obviously avoid Georgia like the plague–just like Bengals players should avoid Kentucky.

Ward is a solid receiver and has done more than his fair share of damage to the Bengals while with the Black and pee yellow.  The thing that has annoyed me most about him, aside from his on-field exploits, has been his constant penchant for smiling that toothy grin after every play–good or bad.

I have known that he does this on purpose for some time–just to rankle opponents (and their fans).  It’s an effective stunt, I must admit.

So it was extra delicious to see his smile gone when he wept openly a few years ago, and when he couldn’t manage to crack a smile for his mug shot.