July 22, 2017

The Shipley-ean Theorem

Jordan Shipley = Good

Statistics are an interesting animal. In many cases, you can manipulate them or skew them to show almost anything you want, including the perceived effectiveness of say, your rail-thin scouting department.

Anyway, the stat gurus at Football Outsiders took a look at each NFL team’s effectiveness in a variety of formations. In Cincinnati’s case, it showed that the Bengals were most effective in three wide receiver sets – and probably should have used them even more. In my mind, it shows something else:

That Jordan Shipley is pretty good. Considering that Shipley took the bulk of the snaps as the slot (third) receiver, you can argue that putting him on the field made the Bengals offense more effective. Surely, there were other contributing factors as well, perhaps more to man-to-man coverage in those instances for example, but Shipley’s presence was a definite positive.

I think he’s a perfect fit in the West Coast offense and I’m anxious to see what chemistry he can develop with newcomer Andy Dalton. I’m high on Shipley.

Perhaps I’m stretching the statistics a bit, but then again, isn’t that what statistics are for?

Click the image for the full Football Outsiders analysis