July 20, 2017

Source: Carson Palmer’s locker is empty and name plate removed

So, we here at WhoDeyFans had the opportunity to chat with a source who may have access to the Bengals locker room. They come to us with this:


“His locker (Palmer)  is already cleaned out and name plate removed”


Interesting, I respond. But, aren’t all lockers cleaned out at this time of year with the lockout?  To this the response was:


“…most don’t have much in them but their name plates are all there. His is removed so he won’t be back, I can assure you that.”


So there you go.  This person then goes on to talk about how there has been talk of the Bengals making a move for a vet QB with McNabb and Vince Young being named.

Take it for what it is, someone who has access to more than the fans and passed along the information.



  1. I’m guessing that was a Carson move more so than anything the team might have done.

    When the Carson mess first broke, I wondered if Mike Brown might try to latch onto Vince Young. Remember, he also reportedly made a move for Mike Vick a few years back. Hopefully, everyone is content with Andy Dalton or a veteran journeyman. McNabb wouldn’t be bad for a bridge to Dalton, but Vince Young could poison that clubhouse quickly. I don’t think he’d be content to groom someone else to take his job.