Uncertainty Hits the RB Position

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Benson Arrested In Texas
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  1. Clinton Collins says:

    Since there is no contract with him and the NFL, I do not see why he would get a suspension. Cedric Benson and every other player in the NFL are regular guys now with the lockout still in place. The only difference is that last year he had a contract the Bengals and he has a lot more money then we do. Now, I am in no way saying his actions should be disregarded, but lets remember he has a past with the law. So this is not a big shocker.

    1. Brennen says:

      Before the lockout started, Goodell stated that the personal consuct policy would still be in place during the lockout. So anyone that go in trouble during the lockout is going to have to face the music when they come back

      1. Number 1 Fan says:

        Right, but unless the Players association ok’s it, there will be no action against the players who screwed up during the lockout.

        The NFL will not want to face the NFLPA again so soon.