August 16, 2017

Trying it on: Palmer for DRC, straight-up. Thoughts?

Part of the fun of blogging about the Bengals is that it allows you to throw your wild ideas out for public consumption. Every fan fantasizes about being the GM; sitting in the big chair making the draft picks, the trades, and the free agency moves while occasionally sending the office clerk Mike Brown out for coffee.

Or is that just me?

At any rate, I’m constantly looking at different angles and ways to help the team get better. It’s the nature of the beast, particularly when you have such little faith in those who are actually charged with doing it for real. At least blogging lets me publish my hair-brain schemes in a forum for my own amusement where I can be scorned, rebuked, scoffed at or (occasionally) agreed with.  This is all I have until I win the billion dollar lotto or that IPO comes along.

Since I neglected to post one a few weeks ago about the team looking at Vince Young, and regretting it after seeing the recent rumors, I’ve decided to never do so again.

So without further ado, here’s my latest crackpot theory, one that many of you may have already considered multiple times:

Carson Palmer for Dominique Rogers-Cromartie straight up.

Some may say this doesn’t make sense for the Cardinals.  DRC is a 25-year old cornerback with 2 years left on his deal.  He has 13 picks in 3 seasons and 4 touchdowns.  Palmer is on the wrong side of 30, has had 2 major injuries and threw 20 interceptions last year.

Others may say that this is a bad deal for the Bengals.  Palmer is a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback.  Signal-callers are far more valuable than DB’s, and the Bengals need Palmer to return.  Even if he doesn’t, more compensation should be in order.

To me, the deal kinda makes sense, especially since Philadelphia thinks Kevin Kolb, an admittedly younger but much less experienced guy, is worth DRC plus draft picks.

In this scenario, the Bengals get Palmer and his 11.5 million-dollar salary off their books, and replace it with a top-flight cornerback scheduled to make $950,000.  It keeps the ghost of number 9 out of the locker room and away from Andy Dalton, officially ends the Palmer era, and keeps the Bengals out of a bidding war for Johnathan Joseph.  DRC isn’t as injury-prone as Joseph and is two years younger.

For the Cardinals, they get an experienced quarterback with arguably more talent than Kevin Kolb for a cheaper price than what the Eagles are demanding. They seem already prepared to hand over DRC.

Palmer listed Arizona as an agreeable landing spot for him, and their offense should be similar to the Bratkowski-era playbook. Playing with the Cardinal receivers should give him a chance to reset his career as well, or prove that it wasn’t Chad and T.O. but Palmer who screwed the pooch in 2010. 

Either way, the Bengals can move on with Andy Dalton, save the anxiety and the money required to bring back Johnathan Joseph, and can apply those funds and time and effort towards other positions like offensive line, running back, and safety.

There, so what’s it gonna be?  Rebuke or rejoice?  Let me know.  Meanwhile, Mike, it’s two cream, two sugars.


  1. I’d rather have a first-round pick if possible for Palmer. You would get a young player for four years instead of DRC who could be gone in two.

  2. Id do the trade who says DRC leaves in those 2 years they now have to spend money so trade for him and sign him to a bigger contract so we have him for awhile.I dont want Palmer anywhere near PBS and id think even though they wont say Simpson,caldwellShipley probably all are upset feeling like palmer has quit on them when they played there butts off those last few games for him.Just my opinion


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