June 23, 2017

NFL Lockout un-locked?

If you have a twitter account and if you happen to follow anyone with an interest in the NFL, then you have probably been blasted with news ranging from “The lockout is over and players report when…” to “This is a power play by the owners to swing fan support…”.

First, whether technically the lockout is over or not does not matter.  There is still no football and no agreement. All that happened was the owners finally came to an agreement amongst themselves and sent that agreement to the NFLPA (that is decertified at the moment).

The players think the owners may be trying to slip things into the agreement so they have not voted on the CBA. Most probably have not read it. The most damming evidence that the work stoppage is not over is the letter from DeMaurice Smith to the players:

 As you know the Owners have ratified their proposal to settle our differences. It is my understanding they are forwarding it to us.

As you may have heard, they apparently approved a supplemental revenue sharing proposal. Obviously, we have not been a part of those discussions.

As you know from yesterday, issues that need to be collectively bargained remain open. …

Other issues such as workers compensation, economic issues and end of deal terms remain unresolved.

There is no agreement between the NFL and the Players at this time. I look forward to our call tonight.

The earliest the players can vote on their end is Monday. I still think this think has some working out to do.  An agreement may be close, but I don’t see it until late in the week.