August 17, 2017

New CBA = Win for Bengals Fans

Rookie contracts should be a bit easier for Mike Brown under the new CBA.

As fans of the all too often heartbreaking Bengals, one of our biggest complaints lies with the owner. Many of us believe Mike Brown is too cheap. He’s always been extremely stubborn with rookie contracts, resulting in some lengthy holdouts with first-year players. Furthermore, he’s failed at times to re-sign his own key free agents, letting them walk away for more money somewhere else.

Now, help is on the way. The new collective bargaining agreement, which should be agreed upon today, should make things easier for Bengals fans on both fronts. First, the new agreement will include a rookie wage scale, which should simplify the signing of draft picks and virtually eliminate holdouts entirely (we think). And secondly, the new agreement will also raise the salary floor, which will require teams to spend an increased amount of money on player salaries. Thus, Cincinnati will have to spend more money each year on player salaries and should not experience the holdouts that have crippled rookies in year’s past.

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a win-win.

And after only four wins last year, I think we’ll all take two more.