July 22, 2017

Shall He Return?

Carson Palmer should re-think his threat of retirement.

The analysts on the NFL Network took a look yesterday at quarterbacks with uncertain futures. Of course, Carson Palmer made the list. Jason La Canfora’s thoughts, however, were a bit more surprising.

La Canfora said that he still believes there’s still a chance that Palmer returns. Perhaps he and Mike Brown are the only people who think that way, but his stance is worth a second look. And Palmer should consider it too.

First, he could make about $11 million if he played, which isn’t a bad deal. Second, he would have a new offensive coordinator in Jay Gruden, someone who seems determined to bring new life to the Bengals offense. Third, the supposed divas of the wide receiving corps (Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco) should both be gone this year. And fourth, the team drafted A.J. Green as well, giving the Bengals a group of receivers who are both young and talented.

Palmer had some of his best games of the season last year playing in similar circumstances, carving up San Diego and Baltimore with Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell as his starting wideouts. So while I don’t expect Palmer to return, I think he should consider it.

Why not play one more year in Cincinnati and increase your value, rather than watching it decline on the sidelines?

Mike Brown won’t budge.

So Palmer should.


  1. This is a drama that has been on pause for nearly 6 months now. Now that the NFL has finally hit “play” on the season, I am very curious to see how it will play out.