August 17, 2017

Another MB and Marvin Press Conference….

I think you all remember the last time they were at the podium together. It went well. NOT.

Mike Brown is adamant about not trading Palmer

And just like that odd day in January, today’s press conference started off almost the same. We got to listen to Mike Brown ramble on and on about the history of labor disputes, like any of us cared. He finally gave way to Lewis who seemed to right the ship. The big elephant in the room, even after all these months, was about Carson and emphatically the Bengals put that issue to rest.

“We’re moving forward as though Carson has retired.” said Lewis. The Bengals now will turn to 2nd round pick Andy Dalton to lead their offense.

“We really like Andy Dalton, and you will to.” said Brown.

Despite Brown’s and Lewis’s efforts, the room still couldn’t get past the Carson issue.

Brown stepped back up to the podium and delivered the decisive blow. “I like Carson, I think he is a great quarterback who did great things. But we had a commitment. We took you at your word. If you’re going to walk away from your commitment, we’re not going to reward you for it.”

As my friend @justdarrin on Twitter says “Even Mike Brown realizes that it’s a reward to not play for him..nice statement @%@^^&#!”.

Here’s to hoping Mr. Dalton is in the classroom nose deep into his playbook and studying film preparing for the brutal beating he’s inevitably about to take.


  1. Is there any person in football who sucks the life out of the room faster than Mike Brown? Man, he is brutal to listen to. But I guess if I were trying to run a 2011 NFL franchise on a 1970’s model, I’d be miserable too.