July 27, 2017

Comparison Shopping for QB’s

With Mike Brown seemingly squashing all of the Carson Palmer rumors, all of the Bengals Twitterverse erupted in disgust. Look, we are all disappointed that Carson has decided to pursue other avenues outside of football. However, I believe that as a city we must move on and I’m here to help you do that.

Let’s comparison shop shall we? Look at these two sets of numbers from each quarterback’s collegiate career.

By looking at the statistics, which quarterback would you prefer? Quarterback A has thrown for slightly more yards and TDs but has played a full season more of games. Quarterback B has a much higher winning percentage and has more “big game” experience than Quarterback A, not to mention he’s less turnover prone.

I’ll take the player who’s going to win rather than pile up statistics. I’m going with quarterback B, which just happens to be Andy Dalton. I really don’t think it’s as bad we’re making it out to be. Dalton put up a lot of those stats with players I can’t recite. At least Carson (Quarterback A) had WR Mike Williams and a slew of blue chip recruits at his disposal.

Rather than mope and complain about how much Carson or Mike Brown are screwing us, how about we use that wasteful energy and put it behind Red Dalton? Yes it’s going to be a bumpy road folks, but lets enjoy this ride together. We’ll love it that much more when he does something Carson never did, win a playoff game!


  1. I believe Carson had four different offensive coordinators in college though. I’m high on Dalton, but I’m just disgusted with how the organization alienated another player. It’s beyond frustrating, but I’ll never stop rooting for them.