July 26, 2017

When can fan optimism start?

Ok, so there is real football coming.  In a flurry of activity with some big names being dropped and undrafted free agents being signed the excitement is coming.  The kids over at the tired revolution are already off and running predicting the Bengals to go 0 and 16 so my question is, when can the optimism start?

What can the Bengals do to make you build a little excitement for this season.  I mean, the cards are stacked against them.  With questions at almost all positions, what can a fan literally get behind right now?

For me, the Bengals should do a couple things.

1. Make the O line bad-ass. Add bodies to the group of lineman the Bengals already have.  Build competition and up the level of play.  It is reported that Andre Smith is coming into camp in the best shape ever, maybe just maybe there is going to be some life from this group of players.

The Bengals have already signed two more lineman. Louisville Guard Mark Wetterer and Matt O’Donnell the 6’10”, 340lbs offensive lineman out of Canada. Yeah, 6’10”.

2. Bolster the defense. Know how to limit the damage this season?  Resign JJoe, and build around the good pieces the Bengals already have on defense.  Make this squad nasty to not only compete in the division, but also in the Bengals relatively weak 2011 schedule.

Free agency is going to be fast and furious this short offseason.  The Bengals have the opportunity to get the rookies signed and fill in with some quality free agent talent. I for one am excited about that.




  1. In addition, they need to pin down a run/catch threat out of the backfield to use in tandem with Scott, since Ced may be wearing a different set of stripes soon.