June 28, 2017

Poll: Quarterback Scrap-heap

We as Bengals fans must come to grips with three harsh realities:

  1. Carson Palmer has no intention of playing this year
  2. Mike Brown is too stubborn to trade him
  3. We do not have an experienced quarterback on the roster.

This being the case, we must take more than a passing interest in the veteran signal callers the team is talking to.  They’ve already missed the boat on Matt Hasselbeck, Tavaris Jackson, and Donovan McNabb, and will likely not get involved with Kevin Kolb.  That leaves some real dreggs. Forgive me but Bruce Gradkowski and Jim Sorgi, the two we’ve heard about so far, inspire very little confidence in my view.  Marc Bulger is out there too, but isn’t exactly a world killer.

Thus, I am watching teams that are cutting experienced quarterbacks closely these days.  I humbly submit the list of quarterbacks announced to be cut tomorrow for your perusal:

  • David Carr:  The former first overall pick will be cut.  His experience as a starter has been unimpressive to say the least, but he has prototype size.
  • Jake Delhomme:  The former Panthers starter played in a super bowl once upon a time and was the unquestioned leader of a perennial playoff contender.  Since then, he’s lost his stuff, most recently failing in Cleveland.
  • Derek Anderson:  Another former Browns failure, Anderson was a pro bowl quarterback before and has had some real success in the past, but most recently has been unsuccessful in Arizona.
  • Vince Young:  The Titans are letting him go.  He’s been a basket case in the past but he’s won a national championship at Texas, and has been a playoff quarterback in the past.  Plus he’s young.

So who do you like?