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Coming Off the Ledge Over J-Joe

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  1. Scott aka wvugodfather says:

    This is totally wrong…Joseph is needed in Cincinnati. There’s more than enough money that HAS to be spent to have kept Joseph. He is a better overall corner than Hall, every expert says this. There is plenty of money to take care of the other needs especially since more cap space was cleared with the trading of Ocho. The Jets are willing to spend $$$ to have the two best corners…so obviously a smart franchise thinks there is a premium for having two solid corners, not just one and some pieces you hope will be satisfactory.

    1. Eric says:

      Hall consistently grades out better than Joseph, and if the team could only keep one, Hall is the one to keep. Of course, that means they’ll need to re-sign Hall. It would have been nice to see the team do what it needed to but this outcome should not have been unexpected.

      Jones, if healthy, can perform at least as a nickel corner, and he showed great playmaking ability last year before the injury with big plays in the Atlanta and Tampa games in particular. With Joseph injured last year the secondary held up fairly well. It now comes down to Mike Brown to bring in someone who won’t be a liability.

  2. Bill says:

    Seeing Joseph head elsewhere is really not a big surprise to me. MB will always walk away from a bidding war (and the rest of the NFL knows that). And with Joseph having said that he would like to stay in Cincy, I fully expect that he was hoping for a little hometown discount.

    That said, the secondary has taken a big hit with Joseph walking. They were already weak at safety, and now losing half of that corner duo hurts. I am not convinced that Jones will stay healthy enough to be considered the answer, and Ghee hasn’t had a real shot to know what he can or can’t do. But they clearly need to pick up at least to known commodities to solidify this secondary.

  3. Nate says:

    I like Hall better too, but I think the team dropped the ball. According to ScoutsInc., there’s a droppoff now between J-Jo and any free agent they could get. The team could have created some leverage with the franchise tag, then worked to get a longer-term deal.

    1. Eric says:

      Agreed. Why they chose not to use the tag is beyond me!