June 24, 2017

Jonathan Joseph is key for the Bengals

Tonight we got a question from a reader about Jonathan Joseph.  Jason asks:

How do you see the J-Jo situation playing out and where do we stand if he signs elsewhere?

Here is what we know:

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that the Texans are “working hard” on possible deals for Nnamdi Asomugha or Johnathan Joseph.

You have to believe that the first option for the Texans is Asomugha. Around the league he is considered a better corner than Joseph, so as long as he is available, the Bengals have some time. However, the Bengals need to be aggressive with re-signing Joseph. If another team can lure Joseph away, I have no doubt he will take the money and run. There is probably no loyalty from Joseph for an organization that consistently under performs.

John Clayton has been following this story all night and thinks that Joseph is not making a decision until the market is set by Asomugha. I believe if he signs in the 8 million dollar range then the Bengals will fail to match an offer to Joseph at that level.

The Bengals need Joseph at the corner spot this year.  After Hall and Joseph the talent level drops pretty far. Pacman and Ghee would be the answer without bringing anyone else in. So your D would rely on a player who may be suspended or one that has seen very little action. Losing Joseph will hurt the Bengals ability to cover and will in turn put a lot of pressure on an offense that is new in all the wrong places.

Simply put, losing Joseph would suck.


  1. Great response, thank you for answering my questions. I agree, losing Joseph would really suck.