Poll: Does Chad’s Departure Make Carson Change His Mind?

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  1. Bill says:

    I still believe that Carson’s ultimatum is largely driven by Mrs. Palmer. She was unhappy that he got booed after he was announced to have passed the 20,000 yards passing mark — an impressive stat — and was understandably upset about having trash thrown in their yard after the season.

    If I were facing four more years with the worst professional sports team in North America, while becoming the focal point of fan frustration, with significant concerns for my family’s security, and then coming home every night to an unhappy Mama Bear… well, losing 85 isn’t enough to offset all of that.

  2. Thomas Howard says:

    No. Can you blame him for wanting out of Cincy? Let’s see, what has changed since he signed his contract extension? Has the scouting department improved? No. Has the coaching gotten any better? Nope. Giggles seems to be losing it a little more each year. Has his O-line improved? No. They let Eric Steinbach walk and drafted Fatty, who had “BUST” practically tattooed across his jiggling breasts. Has salaries for the Brown family gone up? Yes, to the tune of $50 mil per season.

    A successful organization will admit it’s mistakes and attempt to improve. This organization only learns from it’s mistakes when they spend a lot of money (Goodbye, Odom). Unless, of course, they have the gall to stand up to you. Then they will cut off their own noses to spite their face. We will never know how many teams were offering what draft picks for Palmer. But any other organization in any sport would attempt to get something of value from their commodity instead of flushing it down the toilet.