June 28, 2017

Antwan Odom Released

Joe Reedy has reported via twitter that Antwan Odom has been released by the Bengals today.

Given his limited playing time over the past two years due to injury and suspension, this is not a big surprise. There was also speculation that the wrist he had surgery on last fall was still giving him problems. If that is indeed the case, this was a smart move. And for all the potential that was felt when the Bengals brought him over from the Titans, the production was largely not there.

The move clears the way for Michael Johnson to see a lot more playing time at defensive end, a position that suits him better than linebacker. As part of the beloved “Fisher Price” package, Johnson and Carlos Dunlap made a formidable duo coming from the ends. Dunlap ended up with most of the sacks, but a number of them came from pressure forced by Johnson. (If those two can maintain and even improve from last year, don’t be surprised if you start hearing Freeney-Mathis comparisons by mid-season.)

We wish you well, Antwan. We will remember that game against the Packers for decades, your finest three hours.

PS: With two years and nearly $10M left on his contract with Odom, Mike Brown has decided that it is no longer in his interest to fulfill that contract. In the wake of his scowl-filled scolding of Carson Palmer for “breaking his commitment” to the team, the irony here is delicious. If you are going to preach, Mr. Brown, you need to listen to the sermon.