June 27, 2017

Dude, Where’s My Runningback?

Could the Bengals go after Snelling? They should.

So the free agency period is in full swing, and the Bengals are having their first practice of training camp Saturday, and they still don’t have a bona fide starting runningback in place.  It’s sort of a big deal, considering all indications are the team plans to run the ball heavily to take the pressure of their young quarterback.

This should be their primary objective at this point, but it doesn’t seem there’s a beehive of activity at PBS on that front.

The closest thing to news on the runningback front came tonight via Joe Reedy, who wrote that the team was in “slow negotiations” with Cedric Benson.

Don’t get me wrong, I think signing Ced back is a good move, but he shouldn’t be their only target, especially if their negotiating skills work as well as they did with Johnathan Joseph.

Ahmad Bradshaw, Ronnie Brown, and Joseph Addai are all still available, not to mention Marion Barber, cut by Dallas on Thursday.

I wrote a piece back on the 18th about how the team should pursue other names like Tim Hightower of the Cardinals and Jason Snelling of the Falcons, both of whom are considered excellent receivers out of the backfield.

In my mind, the team should sign one of these two AND bring back Cedric Benson or Marion Barber.  I’m a little partial to Snelling.  His YPC average is good and he has excellent hands and has been relatively durable.  Plus at 5’11 and 233, he’s big enough to be an every down back if/when Benson/Barber gets suspended or injured.

In the meantime, Jay Gruden is waiting while the crickets continue to chirp in Mike Brown’s office…