June 28, 2017

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WDW Episode 35 – Frantic Free Agency

Timm Bates and Nick Seuberling discuss this weeks Bengals news regarding Free Agency, Mike Brown, and Carson Palmer.

The Ochocinco Saga

Chad Ochocinco sent an interesting Tweet into cyberspace today, ending it with “EAGLES” in all caps. Clearly, Ochocinco wants out of Cincy. I think it’s best for the team to move on as well. But will the Bengals get anything for him? Ochocinco, for all his antics, is still is a quality wide receiver and […]

Gradkowski In Stripes

Joe Reedy has just tweeted that Bruce Gradkowski is the newest addition to the Bengals. It is good to see a QB with more game experience than Jordan Palmer on the roster. A word to Marvin: name a starting QB early in camp. Don’t go yanking around trying to get both Gradkowski and Andy Dalton […]

Poll: Quarterback Scrap-heap

We as Bengals fans must come to grips with three harsh realities: Carson Palmer has no intention of playing this year Mike Brown is too stubborn to trade him We do not have an experienced quarterback on the roster. This being the case, we must take more than a passing interest in the veteran signal […]

A Glimpse at Gallery

Count me as surprised. I wasn’t expecting the Bengals to take a look at the left guard position or Robert Gallery , but according to reports they are doing just that. Gallery, who just turned 31, is rated as the 11th best guard in the NFL according to ESPN’s ScoutsInc. While he may not be […]

Free Agency Whispers

Compiled here, from various internet reports, are the veteran free agents the Bengals have been in contact with so far: RB Cedric Benson (Bengals) RB Brandon Jackson (Packers) DeAngelo Williams (Panthers) QB Bruce Gradkowski (Raiders) QB Jim Sorgi (Giants) LB Brandon Johnson (Bengals) CB Johnathan Joseph (Bengals) OG Robert Gallery (Raiders) DT Jonathan Fanene (Bengals) […]

The Chilling Effect

After the second failure of a presser this year by the comedy duo of Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis, I decided to give things a day before posting about it because, frankly, writing about how stupid Mr Brown is just isn’t fun any more. That horse has been beaten beyond the hope of even making […]

Bengals Don’t Get It: Part 3,219

  Thankfully, I missed the live press conference today. Coincidentally, the wall in my house was saved from having my head thrown against it. Once again, the Bengals brass underperformed in the public arena. At least in my mind. Some people will be happy that Mike Brown gave Carson Palmer what seemed to be a […]

Palmer Not Dealt, But Dealt With

I guess Mike Brown is human after all.  It is apparent that his golden boy has hurt his feelings, as he made a terse but definitive statement this afternoon regarding the future of the former face of the franchise, Carson Palmer.  Brown had sidestepped the issue all spring and summer, being polite but hopeful in […]

Comparison Shopping for QB’s

With Mike Brown seemingly squashing all of the Carson Palmer rumors, all of the Bengals Twitterverse erupted in disgust. Look, we are all disappointed that Carson has decided to pursue other avenues outside of football. However, I believe that as a city we must move on and I’m here to help you do that. Let’s […]