August 16, 2017

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Bargain Basement

When Taylor Mays was traded to the Bengals on August 23rd, it was rumored that the team may have traded their extra fifth round pick that they got in the Chad Ochocinco trade. is now reporting that the Bengals traded their 7th round pick in the 2013 draft for Mays.  With Marvin’s draft history […]

Bengals continue to make moves to better the team

One of the most important things an NFL team can do is solidify the offensive line.  Remember the years of Priest Holmes running at will on teams? It is no surprise he was running behind a line that had played together for many seasons. Same with the Bengals in the 05 season and the protection the line […]

Roster 2.0

On Monday I discussed his first offering, and now Joe Reedy as updated his projections for who survives Cut Down Day on Saturday. WhoDeyFans, sound off on whether or not you agree with his picks.

Survey: How Do You See 2011?

The questions about the Bengals this season are plenty. How long will it take for the speed of the game to slow down for Andy Dalton? Will the receivers live up to their potential early or just look like rookies? Will the offensive line look like the crew from 2009 or from 2010? Will Zimmer […]

Don Banks Predicts a 3-13 Finish’s Don Banks previewed the AFC North and didn’t predict anything rosy for the Bengals. How could he? One particular point rings especially true: I’m having a hard time finding a team in the AFC with more challenges headed its way in 2011 than the Bengals. Banks has a point. What other AFC team will […]

Bengals Postcard

One of my favorite parts of summer is’s training camp postcards. In a sense, you get to travel across the country and see 32 different teams, even though you never leave your couch. Damon Hack finally stopped by a Bengals practice – after they had left camp, no less – and shared some of […]

What Has Gotten Into Mike Brown?

Step back with me. Look at what has occurred over the past month with the Bengals: – The linebacker corps was thin at the start of camp, so the Bengals went out and signed Manny Lawson and Thomas Howard. We thought they would let him languish, but they brought Brandon Johnson back too. Three good […]

Cedric Benson in a different kind of stripes

I am going to tell you that your starting running back, the key piece of this offense to take the pressure off a young quarterback is going to jail, mid season, for a 20 day sentence. Then I am going to tell you that he will probably only miss two practices. Huh? According to Joe Reedy, […]

Bengals Cap Space: What’s The Plan?

Today, Mike Florio of PFT reported the latest cap space figures for NFL teams.  Of little surprise to most of us, the Bengals were near the top in available funds, coming in third with a whopping 29 million dollars free to spend.  This, of course, has elicited tyical feedback from the corners of Bengaldom, as […]

Let’s get this party started right

It sucks, the Bengals first two games are on the road. You can’t rock the jungle and you can’t tailgate down at Longworth Hall. (You can I guess, but you would be the only ones) There is an upside. 1. The game will not be blacked out locally. That’s right Bengals fans, you can see […]