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  1. CK says:

    Although I agree with you that Chad was a fun-loving football player for the Bengals at one time, I believe his antics, his “me-first” attitude, and selfishness became a cancer over the last several years. Yeah, he was fun, but really what it all came down to is that Chad was out for Chad, and Chad alone. Best self-promoter in the biz. Was he good? Hell yeah! At one time he was easily one of the best in the league. Very entertaining. Now put yourself in the coaches shoes, or the Qb’s shoes who are trying to take practice and games seriously. What do you do when an ass clown like this always effing around. Every now and then, fine. But all the time? Come on. Even when he “got serious” he had to tell the media first. I’m not sorry to see him go. He had a great career here and I wish him the best in New England, but I’m not sorry to see him leave.

  2. Number 1 Fan says:


    You make good points, but I think people grew tired with the act when the Bengals lost. I could argue that these are the same antics that Chad had in 05 when people thought he hung the moon.

    I also think some of the greatest wide outs of all time were me first guys.