July 27, 2017


More than once over the last 48 hours, I have thought about the more than $40M in cap room that the Bengal have available and made a mental connection between Mike Brown and Eugene Krabs. Can’t you picture him bathing in a tub full of cash, knocking over strollers and old ladies for a nickel on the street, and muttering to himself “Money money money”? (Ooh, sorry about the mental picture of MB in the tub. That’s gonna leave a scar.)

This morning the fine fellows at ProFootballTalk pointed out that the Bengals are not alone in the money-grubbing department. They report that 11 teams–at least at that time–have more than $20M in cap space available. As you would expect, the Bengals top that list. (Finally, a list that they are not at the bottom of!)

As I looked over the list, I started thinking about win-loss records in 2010.

  • CIN (4-12): ~$41M
  • JAX (8-8): ~$34M
  • CLE (5-11): ~$30.4M
  • TB (10-6): ~$30.2M
  • SF (6-10): ~$30.0M
  • KCC (10-6): ~$28.7M
  • DEN (4-12): ~$26.7M
  • BUF (4-12): ~$26.5M
  • CHI (11-5): ~$24M
  • AZ (5-11): ~$23.6M
  • SEA (7-9): ~$21.2M

Of the 11 teams on the list, only 3 had winning records. So the other 8 teams need to be making upgrades to improve themselves to become more competitive. They have the cash to do so, but they are not spending it. *facepalm*

On the one hand, being one of the 7 teams on this list out of the 16 that had losing records last year would seem to be a better thing than being one of the 9 teams that were losers and do not have the cash to do much about it. The Panthers were the worst in the NFL at 2-14, but they do not have a lot of reserve to bolster their squad through free agency. Not an enviable position to be in.

But on the other hand, losers who horde cash instead of bringing solid free agents are not going to win the PR battle. Especially the Bengals, who are being tight-fisted with SO MUCH cash on hand.

Bottom line, one thing is clear: this list tells me that being one of the tightwads of the NFL brings a far greater likelihood of ending up as NFL roadkill than being the big rig barreling down the highway to the SuperBowl.