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WDW Episode 36 – Camp Opens and Free Agency

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  1. Maskwork says:

    I view Nate Clements as a downgrade as a #1 CB, his value is @ Nickelback. Nate Clements has always had trouble with double moves but is excel as a slot CB. If Adam Jones can hold down J-Joe’s #1 CB spot it will allow Zimmer to use Clements in more of a Charles Woodson type of role (Blitzing, Against the Run, Slot Coverage, All over the Field) Clements can become a lethal part of our D. #whodey #alldey #even2dey

  2. Maskwork says:

    Manny Lawson will be a great in a 4-3 as a Strongside LB. He has incredible speed (4.40) and length (6-5) to stop the outside run, and cover tight ends. Unlike the Micheal Johnson experiment last year, Manny Lawson has the experience to go along with the measurables. He can also put his handown and be just as disruptive, I think we end keeping Manny and I hope we eventually cut or trade Weakside LB Kieth Rivers he is Mr.Glass. I say keep Thomas Howard who reallyv got lost in the Raiders depth chart he had a amazing 40 coming out of UTEP (Sub 4.40) and is amazing in coverage so if he does well TRADE KEITH “CRY ME A RIVER” RIVERS! #whodey #alldey #even2dey