Donte Whitner tweets WhoDey!

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  1. Bill says:

    The Bengals might not have landed any flashy names, but they have been unexpectedly busy in free agency landing some lunchpail-toting shovelers, to use a Marvin-style idiom. None of these guys–Clements, Howard, Lawson, Gradkowski, Jean-Gilles, and now Whitner–are going to put fear into fans of other teams. But you don’t win by making opposing fans afraid. You win with solid players who do their jobs. And that is what they have gone out and found.

    Once Fanane comes around and signs, land me one more decent O-lineman (and a RB if/when Cedric feels the wrath of God-dell), and I’ll score this free agency period as a B+, about as successful as it can be without landing a big name, even with the loss of Joseph.

  2. That hurt when the final reports came out and he backed out of the deal and went to the 49er’s

  3. Nate says:

    Too good to be true. Sigh.