June 22, 2017

Say That Again

Holy crap! What was that? I think I just got a little bit excited about the 2011 Bengals. Not big time, 15-1 excited. Just a little. But I never would have expected it. Not this year.

What spurred this tiny twinge? I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look.

Geoff Hobson posted a nice article this morning about Gruden’s new West Coast offense, including this little ditty:

“Instead of us calling the play based on the defense, we’re putting the pressure on them.”

(There is plenty more to like in the piece. Read it.)

This is the kind of change that we’ve been dying to see since 2007. Attack, don’t react! Freedom from the patented plod-plod-plod-punt offense! Put defenses on their heels! Make them actually defend instead of baiting you into going to the soft spot that they are showing on purpose, knowing you’ll go there.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not changing my expectation for the season. With Benson and Caldwell being the only skill players with more than a handful of experience–if any at all–there will be plenty of mistakes and miscues. That sizable lack of pro-level field time will take its toll.

But the Bengals have finally thrown open the windows and are clearing out the Bratkowski-funk. The fresh air is nice.


  1. Exactly….the FRESH AIR is nice!