July 22, 2017

Behind Enemy Lines – Detroit Lions

And Football Go!

Real football (well preseason) starts for the Bengals on Friday. The Bengals will be travelling the the far away land known as Detroit.  We decided to ask 5 questions to the Lions blog TheHouseOfSpears.net. Below are our questions and their answers.  We also asked them 6 of our own questions that they will be posting soon.
1. Tell us why the Lions are going to be a force in the NFL this year.

I’m not sure if I would say the Lions will be a force. They play in what I consider to be the toughest division in football, so they will have to compete very hard just to go 8-8. With that in mind, I think the Lions will be very good mainly because of their defensive line, which started to change games towards the end of last season. I remember seeing quarterbacks drop their eye sight in fourth quarters just to check where the pressure was coming from; that’s when you know you have a beastly D-line.

2. What are you hoping to see in the preseason game from the Lions?

I am hoping to see how the linebackers hold up. I think Cedric Benson is the perfect litmus test for a line-backing corp that couldn’t tackle runners last season. We added Stephen Tulloch and Justin Durant over the offseason and have shuffled the positions a bit with DeAndre Levy moving from MLB to LOLB, while Tulloch takes over in the middle and Durant plays the right side. It will be interesting to see how those moves have panned out. If they can provide a stout run defense behind the defensive line, the Lions defense will no longer be one dimensional like they were last season.

3. Can Stafford make it through a full season?

Well, that’s the big question. I don’t think there is any blogger or news reporter that could truly answer that question. It’s a medical situation and only a doctor could legitimately answer that question. I guess if you’re asking me whether or not I feel he is fragile, then my answer would be that he isn’t. All you have to do is Youtube the hits he took during the Cleveland game in 2009 or look at the hit he took from Peppers in week one of 2010 to understand why he got injured. The thing that worries me is that it’s his shoulder that have taken majority of the injuries.

4. What are your thoughts on the Bengals in general as a team?

Bengals to me right now are a team that’s in limbo much like the Vikings. You guys seem to have a few pieces here and there, but its not enough to compete for the playoffs in your division, but the cupboards are not completely empty to the point of going through a complete rebuilding phase. I think a good general manager could really utilize some of the offensive talent that you guys have, but Mike Brown has proven again and again that he is not that man.

5. One Lion vs One Bengal in a cage match. Who do you send in for the Lions?

You say cage match do you? I think it’s pretty clear I would send Ndamukong Suh. For those that don’t know, Ndamukong stands for “Hose Of Spears”. You really wanna send a Bengal into a cage with a man named House of Spears? For the record, his preference would be one of your quarterbacks…or all three if you want. I can’t promise they’ll return in one piece.

6. Game prediction – Who wins and the score?

Well, its the preseason we’re talking about, so its basically a game of who’s backups are better. For us, our backups basically won us two or three games last year, so I’ll take the Lions 35-24.


  1. what i want to see is how the bengals oline hold up against the lions dline. i want to see how dalton manage and find holds in blitzes pickup. i know its the preseason so i dont expect much action so that will be a key on down the line,and mainly how jay gruden west coast scheme looks against a real defense.. so please send me your emails and comments at http://talkwithsense.com thanks


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