July 25, 2017

ESPN Power Rankings put the Bengals in the cellar

Per James Walker of ESPN:

The Bengals are moving on from the Carson Palmer-Chad Ochocinco era, but expect plenty of growing pains with young players. (Walker)

So the Powers at ESPN got together and ranked the teams in the NFL from first to worst.  This edition has the Bengals in the dead last spot. Really, this is a pretty easy ranking to make.  The Bengals are new at some very key spots. I do not believe the Bengals will be last at the end of the season but for now Bengals fans need to understand two things.

1. The Bengals are unknown, so it is easy to discount them.

2. Walker is an idiot. He consistently bashes the Bengals for the sake of bashing. This is the same guy who says the Bengals have the worst fans because they don’t comment enough on his blog. Like any fan of the Bengals gives a crap about what some Browns / Steelers fan has to say about a team he does not really even follow.

Here is how the rankings played out:

1 Packers

2 Patriots

3 Eagles

4 Saints

5 Steelers

6 Falcons

7 Jets

8 Colts

9 Ravens

10 Chargers

11 Giants

12 Buccaneers

13 Bears

14 Chiefs

15 Rams

16 Cowboys

17 Texans

18 Lions

19 Seahawks

20 Titans

21 Cardinals

22 Jaguars

23 Raiders

24 Dolphins

25 Vikings

26 49ers

27 Broncos

28 Browns

29 Redskins

30 Panthers

31 Bills

32 Bengals