July 25, 2017

Penalties – Bengals vs. Lions


The Bengals should be flagged for the stinker they posted vs the Lions.

One of my recurring articles looks at the latest Bengals news from the perspective of NFL penalties, so for you first time readers all I have to say is…

Delay of Game – What took ya so long!

False Start – The Bengals vs. Lions may have been the worst start to a Bengals preseason since the Ki-Jana Carter career destroyer back in 1995.  After Mike Nugent failed to get the ball to the end zone from the 35, Matthew Stafford looked like Peyton Manning carving up the Bengals pass defense all the way to the end zone, burning Leon Hall with a 26 yard touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson.  On our first possession, undrafted rookie John Griffin fumbled the kick return and Stafford again capitalized with a touchdown, this time throwing a perfect throw to Nate Burleson on 4th down.  Next possession, after a touchback, Andy Dalton underthrows a bomb to AJ Geen that is picked off easily.  Game over.

Roughing the Passer – Everything about the game was rough to watch, but nothing more so than Ndamukong Suh destroying Andy Dalton with a body slam after his helmet was ripped off.  Fined 20,000 for the play, Suh tweeted “$20,000REALLY???!!”  Yeah, dude, really! 

Intentional Grounding – At least the running game looked good with Benson in the game, as he ripped off over 6 yards per carry and had a 16 yard scamper.  Ground and pound may be our only hope this season with a run blocking line and a rookie QB.  The problem is that it is hard to keep running when you are down 24-3 at halftime.

Late Arrival of Team – After the first five minutes of the game, the starters actually started to play and the defense forced back to back three and outs.  Dalton completed 73% of his passes and seemed to have the poise to not be Akili’ed by the pressure of the Lions pass rushers. 

Piling On – The national and local media are throwing in the towel for the season, fantasy drafts are avoiding Bengals players like the plague, and we are the butt of everyone’s jokes.  Nothing new to report…

Tripping – I must be tripping, because I see the glass as half full.  While the game was terrible, it was only the preseason and my expectations are much lower this season.  I was much more disappointed by the train wreck against the Patriots to began last season after all the promise and hype we had going in.  There were a few bright spots versus the Lions, such as the play of Geno Atkins and the young receiving corps.  Dalton wasn’t horrible.  Half full?  Well, at least the glass isn’t completely empty.

Illegal Formation – I am always awestruck by the dangling pinkie finger of Bengals Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz when he is holding the mic during the pregame coverage.  That guy must be as tough as they come, as I would have probably had that thing removed.

Illegal Return – If we don’t play any better in our trip to NYC this weekend to play the Jets, fans may have to block the team from returning to PBS by forming a barracade around the CVG airport.  At least that would prevent home losses.  Can we petition to bring back the lockout?  On second thought, my fantasy draft is this weekend. 

Who Dey!