What Is “Success” In 2011?

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  1. Boomer Lion says:

    This team has a lot of potential and not a lot of proven talent; some of that potential will pan out and some will not. If they can separate the wheat from the chaff this year so that we can enter next year’s free agency and draft with a clear picture of our needs, I will consider this season to have been a good one.

    By the end of this year, we should be able to make a cut-or-keep decision with Dalton, Simpson, Caldwell, Cosby, Whalen, Coffman, Lindsay, R. Nelson, T. Nelson, Sims, McDonald, Shirley, V. Rey, Skuta, Hudson, Stephens, Ghee, Trent, Sands, Moch, Collins, Roland, Livings, and A. Smith. Not to mention our new FAs and the collection of CFAs we have accumulated.

    If we suck this year, we suck this year… it certainly won’t be the first (nor last) crash-and-burn Bengals season I watch. But by the time the league year starts next year I’d really like to lock up the good ones, cut the bad ones and set ourselves up to improve by leaps and bounds next off season.

    That being said, I think we’re not in quite the rancid condition everyone thinks we are. This is a young, hungry team with a shiny new OC and a DC that has a lot to prove. We’re going to give people a chance this year to surprise us, and I think that will pay dividends for us. The fact that we open the season with those particular four teams means that we could build confidence and swagger.

    I’m looking forward to an exciting season, for better or worse.

  2. Johnny says:

    Until the Bengals learn the trenches are what makes “everything” work they will never be good. Whats the point of a new QB and WR when the problem is they can’t pass block to save their life. This is a passing league. If the opponents CBs only have to cover for 3 seconds tops before our QB gets sacked why not jam them on the line of scrimmage every single time? This basically makes it impossible for our team to ever get ahead early on because we can’t have any big plays. I could go on and on but I htink this season we are destined for our old bungles ways. I will say 4-12 this year IF we are lucky.

  3. Lee says:

    I consider 6-8 wins a success for this team. The key will be our defense, it will have to carry the load. Few times in history has a rookie or young QB and WR come in and contributed enough to sustain early success. I think they get better as the year goes on. I can see this team gettiing beat bad several times this year though. But hell you never know.