June 26, 2017

Chad Still Has His Bad Habits

I am one of the many Bengals fans who loved and defended Chad for a long time, finally got tired of him, and is now glad that he is playing for any other team. The fact that it is New England is actually kind of funny. Why, you ask? Because in NE, you don’t get to be a diva. Even Randy Moss did not act like a diva there. And Chad is such the diva. We should get more than a couple of comedic moments from Chad this year.

Enter moment #1. ProFootballTalk.com provides this little gem of a quote in looking at Chad’s performance in NE’s game on Thursday:

Ochocinco got pulled off the field at one point by Bill Belichick and chewed out, apparently for failing to block. Another drive was spent on the sideline with receivers coach Chad O’Shea in his ear.

Chad failing to block? Who saw that coming? Only you, me and every other Bengals fan who has been paying attention over the past 10 years.

To be fair, I am not bringing this up just to point and laugh at Chad. (That’s just a side benefit.) While I will always appreciate the many things that Chad did to shake the team and the fan base out of the Lost Decade, we were right to recognize that his diva style could cost the team as much as his skill helped. If you listen to games on the radio, many times you’ve heard Dave Lapham say, “The next block I see Chad make will be his first.”

That’s why I wanted him out of here. Not because I hate the guy or don’t respect his talent or don’t appreciate the things he did while here. I was just tired of watching a diva.  The young guys in Green and Simpson and Shipley and Caldwell are not too good to block their men when the play is going elsewhere. And we will all appreciate the help they will give to the running game that Chad would not.