July 26, 2017

Bengals Getting Blitzkrieged

Things can only get better if you start the season with the bags on, right?

Following the Bengals poor performances in their first two preseason games, the national media has begun teeing off. Cincinnati is once again getting attacked from every angle. Colin Cowherd called them a mess today. NFL Radio’s Adam Schein called them the single worst franchise in the league right now. Many others are following suit, predicting doom and gloom for the 2011 Bengals.

It can be frustrating as a fan, but it’s also good for the team. The struggles are guaranteed to keep the team motivated at the least, and perhaps even a little pissed off. That won’t hurt either. The 2009 team was facing similar opinions – maybe not quite as extreme – before sweeping the AFC North and clinching a playoff berth.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what the experts think. Games are won and lost on the field. But the negative outlooks should be good for the team

And the low expectations should keep the fans from getting their dreams crushed once again.

I hope.