July 25, 2017

Bengals trade 49ers for Taylor Mays

It looks like Mike Brown decided to part with his first draft pick since 2008 (probably one picked up from New England in the trade for OchoCinco). What did he get for this undisclosed pick? A safety named Taylor Mays from the 49ers.

The same Taylor Mays that clocked a 4.25 40 yd dash in college and was one of the best players on an outstanding USC college football team.

In the NFL Mays has not had the same kind of success he experienced in college, but for the Bengals to go out and make a move for a guy with this kind of potential is huge. He adds depth to a weak position. If you don’t think it is a weakness, go ahead and watch the first half of the Jets game again.

Someone like Joe Reedy will tell you how poorly the 49ers ranked on defense last season, and to this I would bring up the time when the Broncos traded for pretty much all of Cleveland’s D-Line castoffs and created a strong defense. Sometimes a change and some coaching can improve a player. (right Benson?)


  1. I agree. I can’t imagine the Bengals gave up an incredibly high pick for Mays and he has all the measurables you’re looking for. Plus, the AFC North tight ends he’ll have to cover are more of the blocking-type than the catch-first Antonio Gates types. This is a big deal for the Bengals defense and I’m excited to see what Zimmer has in mind for him. I bet he’s starting before the season is over.