June 22, 2017

What I did and didn’t like Bengals VS Jets

Week two of the preseason is in the books and once again the Bengals took an ass kicking. Honestly, there was not much to like in this game. There really was just one outstanding play and that was from the kicking game. However, here is my rundown.

What I Liked:

– Huber can punt the football. That 77yd punt was incredible. In a game that mattered, turning the field like that can save the defense a ton.

– The short time Cedric Benson was in, he looked good.  He finds ways to pick up a few yards even when the defense is stacked at the line. Good tough running (which I think the Bengals will need)

– Dalton, after settling down looked ok.

– The Bengals run defense looked really good in stopping the running game of the Jets. There was team tackles and great penetration at the hole.


What I didn’t like:

– If the ball hits you in the hands, catch it.

– Penalties can kill a young team. The Bengals seem to have plenty of them.

– There was a double tackle play sighted. I thought those plays would have been tossed with Brat.

– Settle down in the beginning of the game Dalton.  The Bengals can not afford to start every game down 14. (they should have been down 14 to start this one).

– Leon Hall, your play is beginning to worry me, sometimes you just looked lost in coverage.

– 45 seconds left in the first half and you don’t test to see what kind of moxy Dalton has? If the fire on the field is a reflection of the fire from the coaches, this team could have little heart.


On a side note, I was surprised with how good Plaxico Burris looked. If you have not yet drafted for your fantasy league keep that in mind. If you are looking for a league to join, here is the best one: WhoDeyFans fantasy league