June 24, 2017

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Bengals vs. Pathers Edition

My crew enjoyed the trip to PBS for the Bengals Panthers game.

The Good:  Bengals 24, Panther 13.  It was an impressive win for a team in need of a decisive victory.  The Bengals won all three phases of the game and hadn’t looked this good since the last Panthers game in week three of last season.

The Bad:  The fumble that helped dig the Bengals an early hole, as Dalton went one way and Benson went the other.  The ball was recovered by former OSU Buckeye Chris Gamble and lead to the Panthers only touchdown.

The Ugly:  The play that Cam Newton scored on was a busted play as Newton sliced the Bengals D for the score.  He made a nifty move at the end to stretch for the end zone as he was being tackled.

The Good:  Benson was a beast and the Panthers couldn’t contain him.  He put up 68 yards and a TD in limited action.  This would lead to a great play later in the half, but more on that later.

The Bad:  Where has Jerome Simpson been this preseason?  He has failed to get it going with Andy Dalton, and he is being counted on to be the #2 receiver behind AJ Green.

The Ugly:  The kickoffs aren’t cutting it.  While other teams are booting it out of the end zone, we are consistently giving up field position by allowing returns.  Occasionally it works out to our favor when we can stuff them inside the 20, but I would rather not risk a big return.  Do we need Seubs to kick off or what?

The Good:  Dalton to AJ Green on a beautiful pass in the south endzone right in front of me, and the place went bananas.  It was definitely the highlight of the game.

The Bad:  The play of Bruce Gradkowski has been really lackluster.  Where is the fiery guy that lead the Raiders the past few seasons?

The Ugly:  Jordan Palmer and Dan LeFevour have been so bad that neither played in this game.  Subsequently, Palmer was cut and LeFevour is expected to not make the final 53.

The Good:  The pass rush finally got going a little, including a big takedown by Manny Lawson.  We will definitely need it if we are going to win more than a couple of games this season.

The Bad:  Too many people at the game were drinking heavily and acting the fool, such as the guy behind me yelling at his wife and the guy in section 150 being a jerk to a kid.  If you can’t handle your liquor, don’t drink, ya’ jerk!

The Ugly:  One of Mickey’s latest posts got some interesting comments this week.  I guess there are Palmer fans out there after all.

The Good:  Had a great time at the game, and the five kids with me enjoyed themselves including three that had never been to an NFL game.

The Bad:  WTF moment of the night, when I had explained to these kids about spelling O-H-I-O during Hang On Sloopy, and then the stadium PA starts playing Sweet Caroline instead.  Don’t they play that in Pittsburgh?  Booooooo!

The Ugly:  6 hours in a car with 5 teenagers.



  1. I agree about the kickoffs. If Seubs is unavailable, maybe they should have Huber punt kick instead. He can put it out of the end zone from there.

  2. LOL I would say I’m unavailable considering I struggled to get it in the endzone in high school kicking from the 40 yard line!