Bengals trade Clinton McDonald for a former first round cornerback

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  1. Clinton Collins says:

    I like this trade because after Leon Hall and Nate Clements the talent of our CBs are very suspect. Morgan Trent is a nice compliment in the slot but now we have another CB that can help back up Leon and Nate until Adam Jones makes his return. As for the defensive line, I think this will open up a roster spot for either Jason Shirley or Victor Adeyanju.

  2. Bill says:

    Makes sense to trade from a position of depth to bolster a position of weakness. According to the comments on the ProFootballTalk story about the trade (, Seattle fans are more than a little happy to be rid of him.

    Jennings and Mays will be a test of the true coaching capacity of Mike Zimmer. If he can turn coal into diamonds, he will have a killer defense this year.