June 28, 2017

Bengals trade Clinton McDonald for a former first round cornerback

The title sounds good right?

The Bengals do indeed trade away defensive lineman Clinton McDonald for cornerback Kelly Jennings from the Seattle Seahawks.

This trade gives the Bengals 5 former first round picks in the secondary. Needless to say, there is talent back there for the Bengals. The question is, can Zimmer use this talent?

The Bengals need safety depth and here they add a cornerback with 1st round talent to the mix.

Personally, I think the better pressure the Bengals get up front, the better the secondary will look no matter who is back there.



  1. Clinton Collins says:

    I like this trade because after Leon Hall and Nate Clements the talent of our CBs are very suspect. Morgan Trent is a nice compliment in the slot but now we have another CB that can help back up Leon and Nate until Adam Jones makes his return. As for the defensive line, I think this will open up a roster spot for either Jason Shirley or Victor Adeyanju.

  2. Makes sense to trade from a position of depth to bolster a position of weakness. According to the comments on the ProFootballTalk story about the trade (http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/08/29/seahawks-send-kelly-jennings-to-bengals/), Seattle fans are more than a little happy to be rid of him.

    Jennings and Mays will be a test of the true coaching capacity of Mike Zimmer. If he can turn coal into diamonds, he will have a killer defense this year.