July 25, 2017


Sunday evening, Bengals.com posted an article about the Bengals returning to smashmouth play and an aggressive mindset . It’s about flippin’ time! Bring the pain boys! This WhoDeyFan has been wondering where the badass, steamroller attitude went that added a sweet flavor to the sweep of the AFC North in 2009. And I welcome its return!

That dominating style was what made the win over Carolina so exciting. The first team did not just score in the first half, they owned Carolina in it. Both lines controlled the line of scrimmage, and the rest of the team flourished because of that. Instead of taking the punch, they punched Carolina in the mouth instead. I want more of that!

I will make this prediction. If the Bengals seize on that fist-to-mouth attitude, buy into it, and actually go out and do it, they will surprise a lot of teams this year and will end up above Vegas’ over/under on wins for the year. Well over.

We will find out early in the game on Thursday how serious they are about being a dominant team when they play the Colts. Although starters usually site the 4th game, the starting offense should the first quarter or so, simply because they need the reps. I haven’t seen enough out of the backups to believe that they will punch anyone, though.

(Marvin’s T-shirt-style slogan that he coined before the Carolina game is “Take their breath away.” As a slogan, I give it a C-. Sounds more like a chick flick or a cheesy 80’s ballad than a battle cry. But if it does the job, I’ll take it.)