August 16, 2017

Let’s get this party started right

It sucks, the Bengals first two games are on the road. You can’t rock the jungle and you can’t tailgate down at Longworth Hall. (You can I guess, but you would be the only ones)

There is an upside.

1. The game will not be blacked out locally. That’s right Bengals fans, you can see the game on television.
2. You can watch the game with WhoDeyFans!

No, you can’t come to my house. Even better, we have decided to take over Bar71 in Mason and throw a big season opening party. We have also decided to join forces with WayNorthSports to get as many people as possible crammed into the space.

Bar71 has about a bajillion TV’s (well, a bunch at least) and great food. They also have beer, and beer specials.

So here is the deal, put on your black and orange, grab some friends and come up to Bar71 on Sunday September 11 to watch the Bengals kick the crap out of the mistake by the lake in the Battle of Ohio, Cleveland edition.

We will be there, WayNorthSports will be there, Bar71 will be rockin, so you should be there.