July 21, 2017

Cedric Benson in a different kind of stripes

I am going to tell you that your starting running back, the key piece of this offense to take the pressure off a young quarterback is going to jail, mid season, for a 20 day sentence.

Then I am going to tell you that he will probably only miss two practices.


According to Joe Reedy, Benson will begin serving his sentence the day after the regular season Colts Game. Due to over population in the system Benson could be released in 7 days or less. This happens to fall during the Bengals bye week, so in theory Benson could be back before the meaningful practices begin to prepare for the Seahawks.

While I feel a little better about Benson not missing any playing time, I am again saddened that the stigma that surrounds this team is further enforced. Please Bengals, stop getting arrested.